NUK Breastfeeding Set

NUK Breastfeeding Set

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Product description

Art.No.: A136119

NUK Breastfeeding Set
Breast pumps can really help new mums who are struggling to breastfeed naturally. Its innovative design provides an excellent expressing movement and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to express breast milk with just one hand.
The pumped breast milk directly flows into the container made of temperature-resistant polypropylene. The container is suitable for storing, freezing, warming and feeding the breast milk.

Set includes:
• 1x NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump including soft silicone pad and ergonomically shaped handle, high pump performance
• 1x NUK Nursing Pads Classic 36 pcs., extra soft, adapt to the shape of the body
• 2x breast milk containers, 150 ml, including lid
• 2 x NUK First Choice+ Anti-Colic Baby Bottle, teat size 2 silicone (6-18 months), S for tea

NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump
innovative design provides an excellent expressing movement. textured silicone cushion encourages milk flow. soft silicone cushion moulds to the shape of the breast providing a pleasant sensation on the skin. Ergonomic handle. Adjust the suction intensity with the handle: the more it is pushed down, the higher the intensity. All parts of the NUK Jolie can be disassembled for cleaning and are dishwasher safe. NUK Jolie also comes with a stand, sealing disc and screw ring. NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pump: Express, gently and efficiently - as never before!

NUK Nursing Pads Classic
Nuk Nursing Pads Classic - extra absorbent, soft - the classic nursing pads.
NUK can offer you a solution that works – whatever the need or the situation. The special inner fleece makes them soft and adapts perfectly to the shape of the breast. NUK adhesive strips help ensure to keep the clothes perfeclty dry. For maximum protection and comfort every day.

NUK breast milk containers:
The containers fit NUK Jolie Manual Breast Pumps and all NUK electrical breastpumps as well as all NUK First Choice and First Choice+ teats. You can use NUK Breast Milk Containers for storing, warming and feeding pumped breast milk. The containers can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months. Write down the date and amount of pumped milk on the container label. The containers are reusable and can be sterilised. Clever design, easy and convenient.

NUK First Choice+ Anti-Colic Silicone Teat
For many years, NUK First Choice has been the first choice for bottle feeding modelled on breastfeeding. With NUK First Choice+ we have managed to get even closer to nature – for healthy jaw development and a drinking sensation as if at a mother’s breast. The special NUK shape is modelled after the breast while nursing. It leaves enough space for your baby's tongue and jaw for natural sucking. The silicone teat adapts even better to the palate with the new soft zone - for a natural drinking feeling. Optimised Anti-Colic Air System provides a natural flow - for relaxed feeding without swallowing air. Babies accept NUK teats thanks to its natural shape. It is especially made for babies who are both breastfed and fed with a bottle.

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In good hands from the beginning

NUK has created products to support children in all phases of life and to help make the lives of parents easier since 1956 – from birth to kindergarten. The correct teat plays are crucial role. All NUK soothers and teats feature a special orthodontic shape: it was shaped on the base of the mother’s breast while nursing and thus supports the natural development of baby’s jaw. NUK’s product range include soothers, teats and baby bottles and many more articles that make your life with a baby so much easier. Discover NUK products now!
NUK Breastfeeding Set
54,59 €