Theraline Mamma Pads - The Virtually Invisible Breastfeeding Insert

Theraline Mamma Pads - The Virtually Invisible Breastfeeding Insert

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Product description

Art.No.: A013192

Theraline Mamma Pads - The Virtually Invisible Breastfeeding Insert
The Virtually Invisible Breastfeeding Insert

---Brand Name Quality from Theraline---

• Finally sleep without a bra again
•Practically invisible under your clothes
• Comfortable and non-absorbent

Finally sleep without a bra again! One of the many advantages of the new Mamma Pads made of double-layered hi-tech silicone. Mamma Pads use a completely natural body reflex: No milk comes out of a nipplewhich is pushed in. A simple but revolutionary effect: the breast milk does not have to be absorbed as with conventional breastfeeding inserts, but remains in your breast until you breastfeed the next time. Simply press the Mamma Pads on your breast and they stick completely by themselves.

Onceput on, the Mamma Pads are virtually unnoticeable and can be re-used for up to several months (after removal simply rinse with warm water and a little soap and allow to dry). Mamma Pads offer reliable comfort without being noticeable and can accompany you during your entire breastfeeding phase. Compared to conventional breastfeeding inserts, they are practically invisible. Wear Mamma Pads comfortably under clothes both day and night when going out, during sport or even when swimming or, of course, alternating with conventional breastfeeding inserts.

The breastfeeding inserts made of breathable silicone prevent leaking of breast milk, are re-usable and virtually invisible. Compared to conventional breastfeeding inserts you are not limited in everyday life and can rely on their protection in all situations. Even during sports, swimming (breasts must be dry before attaching the Mamma Pads) or going out in the evening, Mamma Pads work reliably without being noticeable.

• 2 silicone breastfeeding inserts with straps

• Mamma Pads: Silicone
• Straps: PET
• Box: Polypropylene

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Theraline Mamma Pads - The Virtually Invisible Breastfeeding Insert
20,79 €