THERALINE Caesarean Belt

THERALINE Caesarean Belt

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Product description

Art.No.: A016938

THERALINE Caesarean Belt
Caesarean Belt - Protects, Supports and Soothes

Well taken care of after a C-Section. Recommended by midwives and doctors.

---Can be wornover and under clothes.---

Multi-functional including 4 different inserts

(1) The belt - sensible supporting function
Depending on your need, you can place different inserts into the belt, which then “fit” exactly where they are needed. It is made of sturdy but flexible jersey fabric. In addition, two elastic pieces are sewn in to create high wearing comfort, e.g. while bending. The tight fit provides a slight supporting effectto the overstretched abdominal wall.

(2) The shield - effective protection
After Caesarean section, the approx. 16 x 10 cm protective shellmade of feather-light plastic effectively protects the sensitive scar against impact from the baby, boisterous brothers and sisters, unintentional knocks, rubbing underwear, burdensome trouser waistbands, seat belts and much more. A big, psychological relief after the Caesarean section, which provides more closeness during breastfeeding and lets you get on with everyday life in a more relaxed way.

(3) The polyester pillow - highest wearing comfort
The pillow can be combined with all inserts. Together with the protective shell it offers the best possible protection against kicks and knocks - e.g. after a Caesarean - with higher wearing comfort at the same time. In connection with cherry stone or gel pillows, it eases or prolongs their warming or cooling effects with its insulating characteristics.

(4) The cherry stone pillow – Pleasant and relaxing warmth
All experienced mothers know: The last months of pregnancy are often torture for ahighly stressed back. In this case, the pleasant warmth of the cherry stone pillow which is provided helps, which can also be fitted around the lower backwith the help of the belt. Naturally warming and relaxing, the cherry stone pillow also works with premonitory pain and with pubic bone pain (pelvicsymphysis), which is stressed during pregnancy and birth. The cherry stone pillow also makes the belt a useful aide over the years, far beyond yourpregnancy and breastfeeding time, e.g. during menstrual pain or with “normal” back problems

(5) The gel pad - ideal for cooling
In the case of a Caesarean section, the cooled gel pad - in consultation with your doctor or midwife - can ease problems with wound healing, swelling, infectionsand itching. Also, post-partum pains often occur during breastfeeding following a normal birth, which are eased with the cooled gel pad.

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THERALINE Caesarean Belt
MSRP¹ 19,90 €
15,99 €