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Protect your baby in time

If you look closely, you will see that nowadays many babies’ heads become deformed to a greater or lesser extent, sometimes coming along with bald patches. Normally, the hair starts growing again in the second half of the first year of life, the deformations regress due to the brain’s growth pressure. Nevertheless, the deformations are often only tolerated for the better protection of the baby and merely regarded as “the lesser of two evils”.
Fortunately the new THERALINE® Baby Pillow now offers your baby both comfort and safety during sleep and, combined with this, helps to preserve the natural shape of the head. The THERALINE® Baby Pillow helps to prevent deformations caused by the sleeping position just like a cosy feather pillow, but without the associated risks.

How does the THERALINE® Baby Pillow work?

A simple idea and a unique design ensure safety and comfort for your baby while sleeping and lying down. Anatomically shaped and perforated high-tech fabric supports your baby’s little head evenly and effectively. For babies already affected by deformations the THERALINE® Baby Pillow can support the faster regression of the deformation. Thanks to the special fabric it is safe for your baby. With its special arrangement of 3 different types of fabric the THERALINE® Baby Pillow is air-permeable. Even when your baby begins to turn and the head comes to rest in the pillow‘s hollow, he/she can still breathe easily through the fabric. Despite the pre-shaped hollow your baby can still move his/her head completely free so that his/her development, the urge to move and natural curiosity are not inhibited.

• Keeps your baby in an ideal sleeping position
• Allows the head to turn
• Supports the rapid regression of deformations
• Free circulation of air allows your baby to breathe easily
• Very good heat transfer

Material & care:
• 96 % polyester, 4% cotton
• suitable for tumble drying
• washable at 60°C

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24,90 €