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SCHLEICH Griffon Vulture 14691

SCHLEICH Griffon Vulture 14691

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Product description

Art.No.: A066765

SCHLEICH Griffon Vulture 14691

Griffon vulture
Item no.: 14691
Category: Wild Life
From the age of 3 years
Lifelike, hand painted figurines

Like all vultures, griffon vultures are imposing animals, even if they are not especially beautiful. They play the important role of the "cleaning squad" for the eco system!

Griffon vultures are among the largest birds in the Alps.
With their wingspan of up to 2.60 meters, griffon vultures are quite large animals. Like all vultures, they have a doubtful reputation in the eyes of ma. This may be due to their peculiar appearance - with their long, naked necks, they look unusual. Additionally, they are scavengers. This means, they eat only dead animals. Once a griffon vulture has spotted a carcass it will not be long until a greater number of vultures gather around the body and feed on it until only the bones remain. This makes vultures the natural "cleaning squad". Airborne griffon vultures are admirable gliders.

Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. Contains small parts. Choking hazard!


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SCHLEICH Griffon Vulture 14691
MSRP¹ 5,99 €
5,89 €