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SCHLEICH Female Chimpanzee with Cub 14679

SCHLEICH Female Chimpanzee with Cub 14679

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Product description

Art.No.: A066754

SCHLEICH Female Chimpanzee with Cub 14679

Female Chimpanzee with Cub
Item no.: 14679
Category: Wild Life
From the age of 3 years.
Lifelike, hand painted figurines.

Chimpanzees are very intelligent and social animals. They live in big family federations and deftly use self-made tools.

Chimpanzees use natural tools such as sticks or stones in their search for food.
Chimpanzees live in big groups of up to 150 animals, which are led by an alpha male. They have a thumb that is opposed to their fingers, exactly as the human thumb. Therefore, they can grasp things very gently and cautiously. They use sticks in their search for food - e.g. for poking into anthills. Chimpanzee parents teach their cubs how to create and use such tools. Their food is mostly vegetarian, but they will eat meat if it should be available. Most of the time, chimpanzees walk on all fours, but they can walk short distances standing on their hind legs. A female chimpanzee gives birth to a baby every four to six years. Cubs are raised by their parents over a period of up to ten years. Chimpanzees can grow as old as 60 years.

Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. Contains small parts. Choking hazard!


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SCHLEICH Female Chimpanzee with Cub 14679
MSRP¹ 5,99 €
5,85 €