REER Choke Tester for Small Parts

REER Choke Tester for Small Parts

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Product description

Art.No.: A063241

REER Choke Tester for Small Parts
Choke Tester for Small Parts

to check if small parts can be swallowed by children

Small children explore the world with all senses. They like to touch and put everything in their mouth. Small parts like coins, marbles, beads, buttons, toys and other items may be dangerous. They can get into windpipe and may cause suffocation. Every yearabout 50 children suffocate in Germany after having swallowed small parts. Every second accident in toddlers is caused by nuts.

It is often hard to tell which parts can be swallowed. The REER Choke Tester for Small Parts indicate which items can be dangerous especially for children younger than 3 years and which items are safe.

How to use the tester:
1. Place the tester on a flat surface
2. Place the item into the tester
3. WARNING! Do not press the item
4. The item needs to fit in the tester completely. If part of the item stays outside the tester, it cannot be swallowed by infants.

If an item fits completely in the tester, it may be swallowed by an infant and must be kept out of reach.

The choke tester is standardised according to DIN EN 71-1 to test toys for infants younger than 3 years used in testing laboratories and institutes to test small items or items consisting of small parts. It corresponds to the throat of an infant in size and shape.

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REER Choke Tester for Small Parts
2,07 €