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HiPP Bio 2 Follow-on Formula 8*800g
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HiPP Bio 2 Follow-on Formula 8*800g

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Product description

Art.No.: A105139

HiPP Bio 2 Follow-on Formula 8*800g
• 8x800g
• After the 6th month

About Hipp 2 Organic Follow-on Formula:

• Natural calcium: Calcium is important for healthy development. Besides valuable calcium from milk, HiPP 2 ORGANIC also contains calcium carbonate from natural mineral springs. It therefore supports the growth of bones.
• Valuable nutrients: HiPP 2 ORGANIC provides quantities of vitamins and minerals babies need for healthy growth besides jarred food. In these quantities, HiPP 2 ORGANIC meets the legal regulations for follow-on formulas.
• High-quality protein from organic milk: age-appropriate, easily digestible protein - 100% from organic milk
• Omega-3 - important for brain and nerve cells
• Contains ingredients from organic production

Important Notice:
• Mother’s milk is best for baby. Please consult your clinic or paediatrician if you would like to use a milk formula.

Organic - the best for your baby

Babies need healthy food that tastes good and does not contain unwanted ingredients. HiPP has recognized more than 50 years ago and since then produced baby food in the highest organic quality.
The soil is carefully chosen, the seed is untreated, fruits and vegetables to mature in peace and develop their flavor. With the same care and the organic meat for the HiPP menus is produced.

The HiPP organic seal can be trusted by parents. For total passes the contents of each vial up to 260 controls (by independent testing institutes) to guarantee this security. This HiPP even surpasses the legal requirements of international organic farming regulations.

The result of these efforts is premium organic baby food, strictly residue-free ''I vouch for'' , Hipp assures on its organic seal - and provides with fine controls that parents can rely unconditionally on that promise.

In July 2010, a binding new organic label was introduced across the EU (also referred to as the EU organic logo). A product can preserve the European organic label if
• not more than 0.9% gentechnisch verändertes material is contained and
• at least 95% of the ingredients come from organic production.
Foods with organic label, the products include the highest legal secured food law standard.

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