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ERGObaby Carrier Performance Black

ERGObaby Carrier Performance Black

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Product description

Art.No.: A044283

ERGObaby Carrier Performance Black
Experience the advantages of ERGObaby Carriers and carry your child while shopping, walking or at home. Thanks to its special design you can carry your child in the correct position from approximately 4 months to 5 years. Newbornscan also be carried in this carrier in combination with the newborn insert.

The weight of your child is spread intelligently to the hips and not to the shoulders of the carrier. ERGObaby carriers are recommended by pediatricians and midwives worldwide.

The ERGObaby Carrier enables you to carry your child in front, on your back, or on your hip, thus giving you and your child freedom ofmovement as well as the closeness your child needs.

Front position:
More than anything babies love body and eye contact with the mother. They want to feel the mother's warmth and smell - this makes them feelsupported and protected - which is very important for the baby's mental and social development.

Back position:
As soon as the neck of your child is strong enough to support the head for any length of time, your child can be carried on your back. When going for a walk, shopping, or every day just at home - your child is by your side, or rather: on your back. This givesyou more freedom in everyday life, and at the same time strengthens the vital mother-child-relationship or father-child-relationship.

Hip position:
This position is perfect for the temporary carriage of bigger children since your child can see everything and have close body contact at the same time. Carrying a child on your hip is the most natural way to carry achild and makes the spread-squat-position possible.

The ERGObaby Carrier ensures carriage in the ergonomicallycorrect spread-squat-position. This position avoids bruising the genitalia or straining the baby's spine, which can arise with baby carriers that do not guarantee a spread-squat-position. The ERGObaby Carrier is NOT designed for the front position with the baby facing outwards since, in this position, the spread-squat-position is not possible and there are additional negative aspects.

The ERGObaby Carrier does not have a metal frame and thus ensures close and direct body contact between the carrier and the child. This physical closeness is very important and the key to your child growing upto become a confident, open, and happy person.

With products for babies and children, using harmless materials is vital. For this reason, all materials used in the ERGObaby Carrier and the accessories are tested regularly by independent testing centers. These tests always produce a very good result regarding the absence of contaminates and carcinogenic substances. Moreover, the ERGObaby Carrier has undergone a series of standardised tests.

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ERGObaby Carrier Performance Black
MSRP¹ 119,90 €
90,31 €