Candide Grannimals Manon, the turtle

Candide Grannimals Manon, the turtle

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Art.No.: A036537

Candide Grannimals Manon, the turtle
Manon, the turtle

Simply cuddly - nothing is nicer than cuddling in Mom or Dad's arms.

The Grannimals
When I was a child I was fascinated from my grandmother, Granny.Her hobby was kniting. She knitted sweaters, socks, all kinds of clothes and small wolly animals. My Granny had knitted 10 pieces, one after the other. She really put energy into them, gave them personalities and reallybrought them to life. She used some of our characteristics, her grandchildren's characteristics. As soon as one was finished the next was already started. Each doll was carefully placed in a shoebox and then given toone of us as a present.

Our Granny played a very special role in ourlives. She gave us lots and lots of love, good ideas and could tell the best stories that never ended. All children continue to enjoy these stories.

One day I remembered the little mouse, Marie. My Granny gave me this doll. After that, I took Marie everywhere. Marie made me feel safe and strong,she played with me and took away my pain.

A couple of years later, I still had that box from Granny, when I opened the box and Mariw smiled at me I remembered my lovely childhood. Today, I am a mom myself and I gave my children my colorful Granny mouse. I told them about my memories out of and about the shoebox that went with me through my childhood.

They are not only animals....

Every individual doll has its own personality with good and bad sides. They are between 3 and 5 years old and partake in everyday adventures and surprises. Alone and with others.

A world of fatasy and colorful pictures marked by gentleness and safety.

The Grannimals knitted by Grandma and are somewhere between the past and today.

Childhood memories live - in mind and soul.

All of the dolls live in a small city called Granny-City. This city is everywhere, cultural anddynamic at the same time. In a child's hand - dreamy, happy and light-hearted.

• Knit Doll with Box
• Size: 20cm

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Candide Grannimals Manon, the turtle
17,99 €
15,99 €