BRITAX RÖMER Keep Cool Cover for Group 1 Car Seats without a Headrest

BRITAX RÖMER Keep Cool Cover for Group 1 Car Seats without a Headrest

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BRITAX RÖMER Keep Cool Cover for Group 1 Car Seats without a Headrest
RÖMER Keep Cool Cover

... not too warm
... not too cold
... just right

Römer is the first company to use the innovative PCM technology in the area of baby and child safety seats. By reducing unpleasant temperature changes, which have an influence on the tiny passengers in the car, the seats help keep skin temperatures more constant. So the child feels not too hot and not too cold, but just right.

Where does OUTLAST® come from? OUTLAST®-technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space. Today, climate controlling OUTLAST® materials can be found in different products from apparel, shoes, bedding and medical products to industrial applications.

What is OUTLAST®-technology?
This technology is based upon Phase Change Materials (PCM) which successfully combine two well-known technologies. On the one hand is the microencapsulation, well known from chewing gum which contains embedded microcapsules. While chewing, the shell is destroyed and the taste is released. Another example: perfume samples in magazines. The microcapsules are destroyed while rubbing the paper, releasing the smell in the microcapsule. The difference with OUTLAST® materials is that the microcapsules have a durable shell that cannot be destroyed.

How does it work? Inside the patented microcapsules, called OUTLAST® Thermocules™, substances similar to paraffin are stored, which are capable of phase change. H2O is a well-known example of this simple physical principle. Water becomes ice or vapor when energy is added or taken away. PCM technology takes advantage of exactly this same law of physics. The advantages of OUTLAST® Adaptive Comfort® products at a glance::

• Adapts to skin temperature
• Decreased risk of overheating
• Decreased risk of sweating
• Decreased risk of a catching a chill
• Active temperature regulation

The car seat is not included


Our Safety Warranty

Even minor damages caused by small accidents can impair the safety of car seats. We promise to replace the car seat for free in this case.

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Britax Römer

Britax Römer – Safety without compromise

Britax Römer has more than 50 years of experience, passion and understanding of the way families live and have created one of the world’s most advanced and flexible ranges of car seats and pushchairs. Babies are safe in their comfortable baby car seats and older kids are protected at all times thanks to Isofix mountings. Their quick and easy installation make Britax Römer car seats a must-have for relaxed trips in the car. Britax Römer products have a smart design and high safety standards that are continuously developed.

BRITAX RÖMER Keep Cool Cover for Group 1 Car Seats without a Headrest
39,99 €